American Stories

As a wise person once said, “All stories are true, and some of them actually happened.” All cultures have stories which inspire them and define their national, regional, or ethnic character. We’ll explore several American ones on this holiday weekend, celebrating the birth of a new nation 241 years ago.

Humanism & Unitarianism

How Humanism and Unitarianism have affected each other, down through the centuries, and how they continue to push each other to evolve. Life calls us on!


Letters To Our Children

A sermon by UU minister, Rev. Amy Kindred presented by Kay Azar. What do we wish for our children and, indeed all children now and in the future?   This sermon gives us a number of intangible things we as UU’s might hope for our children.

Arm in Arm: Interfaith Action to Disarm Our Planet

Have you ever questioned the prominence and importance of nuclear arms, unmanned drones, and/or handguns? Did you know that UU’s have an office in the UN? Have you ever wondered if there are any UU teens out there because none of them ever seem to be at church? This service will explore and share a … Continued

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Resist and Rejoice

We will present some of the highlights from General Assembly 2017 (“Resist and Rejoice” in New Orleans last month). Also, we’ll embark on the first of a two-week mission/vision exercise.