IMG_3895First Unitarian Church of South Bend celebrates a variety of holidays and traditions throughout the calendar year! Each Christmas Eve, we come together for a candlelight service filled with music and opportunities for deep reflection. We also embrace the sanctity of other holidays and holy days, including those of many faith traditions. We dedicate time in worship and religious education to learning more about holidays such as Bodhi Day, Diwali, Evolution Weekend, Lughnasadh, Ramadan, Yom Kippur and many others.

We also celebrate the following Unitarian Universalist traditions within our congregation:

Water Ceremony

This tradition marks the beginning of our new program year, which runs from September to the end of May. Individuals are invited to bring a sample of water from a meaningful place or experience that occurred over the summer, and to share that story with others in the congregation. The samples are then all mixed together to represent the memories and common human experiences that connect us all together.

Flower Ceremony

This tradition marks the end of the program year and the anticipation of summer. Individuals are invited to bring flowers from their gardens to combine into a beautiful mass arrangement. At the end of the service, the flowers are distributed to people as they leave the sanctuary, reminding them to appreciate both the joys of summer and the blessings of community.