Chip RoushI believe that our universe is one consciousness, that has been evolving for billions of years. We humans are part of that evolving universe – the part that has a conscience and opposable thumbs. This means that we have nearly limitless potential, for both good and ill. The task for those of us alive today is to work together and choose to pursue the good. This requires acknowledging our real differences, and engaging those differences so as to recognize our ultimate commonality.

I believe we can work with evolution, with the force of life that pulses in us all, to heal ourselves and our troubled planet. This force of life has been called by many names, from the Unknown Unbegun to the Tao, from God to Mother Nature. I think it matters less what we call it, than the fact that we do call it, and foster its work in and through us, toward creating a more humane and just world for all.

I use the metaphor of the “evolutionary impulse” most frequently; and I also use the language and symbols of other traditions, including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, religious humanism and earth-centered spiritualities.

I am sympathetic to virtually any theology that seeks to further human flourishing. I can usually find at least some common ground with almost any person. I welcome dialogue with all stances and faith traditions, with the expectation that dialogue can challenge and improve all beliefs – revelation is ongoing.

Feel free to contact me if I can assist on your journey.

So May We Be,

Rev. Chip Roush