Send in the Claus

For some, it is an annual struggle; this year, more of us than usual may be finding it difficult to feel the holiday spirit. We’ll honor all our emotions and seek peace in this advent time. Debbie Carew will sing two songs, including the “title” track.

Our Imperfect, “Nondominational” Church

All religious traditions have beneficial and problematic things about them—-and that goes double for the people who identify with them. As we welcome new members into our congregation, let us examine our own tradition, and ponder how to minimize harm and maximize our positive influences.

Revisiting the Revolt of Mother and

Abstract/Description: As we say goodbye to November and head into December’s preparations for even more family gatherings, it’s a good time to take stock of our relationships with those we love. In what ways do we hold onto the way it’s always been, even when it could be so much better?