At First Unitarian, we recognize that the decision to formally welcome a child into our congregation is a very personal one which must be initiated by the family of that child. Because of this, we don’t have any set requirements about when or how a child dedication should occur. We can, however, offer some guidelines to help families plan a meaningful ceremony.

The first step to planning a child dedication is to contact our minister, Rev. Chip Roush. He will work with you to create a dedication ceremony that meets all aspects of your needs.

Here are some other helpful planning tips:

  • The dedication ceremony can be done as part of the worship service or as a separate event either at the church or the family home
  • For dedications that occur in the building, but not as a part of the regular church service, building rental fees will apply.
  • For dedications that occur outside the context of a regular church service, minister compensation is strongly encouraged.
  • Rev. Roush is able to incorporate rituals and traditions from all world religions into your ceremony. This flexibility is ideal for interfaith families.

Best wishes to you and your family as you consider taking this meaningful step in the life of your child.