Why become a member of a church?

When deciding to become a member, it’s important to ask yourself if the mission of this church aligns with your own beliefs. This is an important decision that represents a commitment to the present and future of our congregation. The church, in turn, makes a commitment to support you as you walk your path through life.

Joining a church provides many different opportunities for growth – spiritually, socially, personally and professionally. Seek to create more meaning and fulfillment in your life. Make new friends. Understand yourself on a deeper level. Challenge yourself by embracing new roles and gaining new skills.

A church is similar to a nonprofit. It provides services to individuals within the congregation, as well as various types of support locally, regionally and around the world. Like all nonprofits, churches need financial support in order to continue to exist. In additional to or in lieu of giving money, people contribute their support in many ways – they participate on committees and boards, volunteer their time and contribute their skills.

One of the biggest reasons to become a member of a church is to be a part of a community that is committed to building the kind of future you want for yourself, your family and future generations. Together we have the power to create change. Join us in our efforts to increase the amount of unconditional love, tolerance, peace and justice in the world! Become a member of First Unitarian Church.

If you would like to become a member of this congregation, please speak with one of our greeters, Rev. Chip or anyone in the congregation wearing a name button on Sunday mornings. They will be happy to answer your questions and direct you to a Membership Committee representative!