Dale G.

This is a place where I feel accepted, in spite of all my oddities. I may come dressed like a hobo, or like I’m going to a wedding, and I am treated respectfully. I hope that most of us feel accepted, regardless of how we dress or what our views may be.

Besides feeling accepted, I think that we all know that the jobs just be shared, as in our families. At home there can be much to do: shopping, food preparation, dishes, cleaning, lawn mowing, teaching and much more. Well, the same is true here. There is work to be done. Over the years, I have known so many people who have devoted so many hours to help this church flourish. And it continues today. I know there are many people who have spent countless hours working for this church.

Finally, in our large church family, we strive to show concern for others. As an example, I have been transporting the food that we collect on Sunday mornings over to the Near Northeast Food Pantry. I’m continually impressed with the amount of food that we donate. Thank you to all who contribute to this good cause. I can assure you it’s appreciated.

For me, this church feels a lot like a home. I feel accepted, there is important work to share, and we try to respond to the needs of others. What more could I ask for? Not much, it seems, because I have been a part of this family for many years.