Rev. Chip Roush

Lazy Path to Enlightenment

Recent scientific breakthroughs offer a form of “enlightenment without the effort.” Do these techniques work? What can we learn from them?

Women Wondering

Wonder Woman is a good movie, and a touchstone in our current culture. Attacked by insecure men, lauded by some and found wanting by others, it is a microcosm of the feminine experience. Click here to open a Word document containing the text of this sermon.

Scared Chimps & Cold Food

How do we find forgiveness in an increasingly complex, increasingly stressful world?

Jesus the Human

Once a progressive rabbi, Yeshua ben Joseph of Nazareth had some radical ideas. Was he more universalist and unitarian than he is currently made out to be? Why should it matter to us?

Original Blessings

We’ll celebrate our annual water service, as the unofficial beginning of the program year. Whereas some traditions focus on human’s “original sins,” we focus on our potential to serve as Original Blessings! Bring some water to share, and a story about why that water is important to you.

Beloved Conversations

Conversations about race, class, etc., can feel dangerous. That is why religious leaders from Meadville Lombard Theological School have created Beloved Conversations—a way of exploring the difficult questions of our time with curiosity rather than judgment. This will be an introduction to the conversations some of us will be having this autumn.

Solar Panels & Solar Eclipses

The power of our sun is both literal (we make electricity from it) and metaphorical (eclipses have been known to cause conversions and deadly panics). How can we better use the power in our lives?

Resist and Rejoice

We will present some of the highlights from General Assembly 2017 (“Resist and Rejoice” in New Orleans last month). Also, we’ll embark on the first of a two-week mission/vision exercise.

Humanism & Unitarianism

How Humanism and Unitarianism have affected each other, down through the centuries, and how they continue to push each other to evolve. Life calls us on!

What’s Lost as We Turn

How are our contemporary understandings of masculinity good for us (men, humans, society), and how are they not so good? Father’s Day from a variety of perspectives.