Rev. Chip Roush

Send in the Claus

For some, it is an annual struggle; this year, more of us than usual may be finding it difficult to feel the holiday spirit. We’ll honor all our emotions and seek peace in this advent time. Debbie Carew will sing two songs, including the “title” track.

Our Imperfect, “Nondominational” Church

All religious traditions have beneficial and problematic things about them—-and that goes double for the people who identify with them. As we welcome new members into our congregation, let us examine our own tradition, and ponder how to minimize harm and maximize our positive influences.

Power Beyond Possessions

Our Ghanaian cousins ask for “a wealth not dependent on possessions, …wisdom not based on books…strength not bolstered by might [and]  a god not confined to heaven.” Join us for Rev. Chip’s annual anti-consumerism rant.

Could Be Raining

One year after the election, how are things going? What is better than we feared, and what is worse? How are we demonstrating resilience? What do we need to do better?

Echoes of Fullness

Life is brief, and precious; and our grief can help us make meaning of our lives. This service will include our annual Naming of Our Beloved Dead—bring pictures or small mementoes of those loved ones whom we have lost.

Lazy Path to Enlightenment

Recent scientific breakthroughs offer a form of “enlightenment without the effort.” Do these techniques work? What can we learn from them?

Women Wondering

Wonder Woman is a good movie, and a touchstone in our current culture. Attacked by insecure men, lauded by some and found wanting by others, it is a microcosm of the feminine experience. Click here to open a Word document containing the text of this sermon.

Scared Chimps & Cold Food

How do we find forgiveness in an increasingly complex, increasingly stressful world?

Jesus the Human

Once a progressive rabbi, Yeshua ben Joseph of Nazareth had some radical ideas. Was he more universalist and unitarian than he is currently made out to be? Why should it matter to us?

Original Blessings

We’ll celebrate our annual water service, as the unofficial beginning of the program year. Whereas some traditions focus on human’s “original sins,” we focus on our potential to serve as Original Blessings! Bring some water to share, and a story about why that water is important to you.