Kay Azar

Right Way to Right Speech

Have you ever received advice that you didn’t want? How do you know if you’re truly being helpful when you try to help someone? Join us for this play based on Simms Taback’s version of an old Yiddish tale that leads into an exploration of The Buddhist concept of “right speech”, in which we ask … Continued

Letters To Our Children

A sermon by UU minister, Rev. Amy Kindred presented by Kay Azar. What do we wish for our children and, indeed all children now and in the future?   This sermon gives us a number of intangible things we as UU’s might hope for our children.

Sunday Worship from GA

We’ll watch a recording of the remarkable Sunday service from our General Assembly, last June, when Rev. Nancy McDonald-Ladd and Dr. Glen Thomas Rideout blew the roof off the Greater Columbus Convention Center. They titled it, “In All They Getting, Get Understanding,” but people leaving the service (and those who’ve watched online) called it AMAZING. Nancy … Continued