The Unitarian Online: June 2016

Sunday Services

May 29: We Can be Heroes
Joseph Campbell’s “Power of Myth” and “A Hero’s Journey” gave us some powerful ideas about what it is to be human. We will explore how these ideas might provide a model for thinking about some modern challenges, and how Campbell’s commandment to “follow your bliss” might resonate today. Led by: Jim Ward and Becky Lindstrom

June 5: The Process of Interdependence
We’ll celebrate the final of our UUA Principles, respect for the interdependent web, with a Flower Festival and an exploration of Process Theology. Children are encouraged to attend. Please bring a cut flower, an origami flower, or a picture of a flower to share. Rev. Chip

June 12: He Never Asked
Masculinity is in flux. Movies still show strong, silent, tough guys while commercials laud fathers who dress as fairy princesses to support their daughters. The ultimate answer is probably a combination of both, but finding one’s comfort zone can be difficult. We’ll deconstruct toxic masculinity, and celebrate ather’s Day a week early (so they can sleep in next week). Rev. Chip

June 19: Juneteenth
Juneteenth celebrates the day when many Texans finally heard about Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation (which was supposed to have taken effect over six months earlier). Dr. Heller’s historical method explores the behavioral patterns, cultural structures and mental models that give rise to the events we see on the news. Rev. Chip and Dr. Darryl Heller

June 26: Panikkar’s Window
Raimon Panikkar, known as “the apostle for interreligious dialogue,” uses a window as a metaphor to help deepen our understanding of “self” and “other.” How can Panikkar’s Window help us reflect on things differently? Jenny Peek (2016 Meadville graduate)

Minister’s Notes

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” Warren Zevon famously sang. Whether it’s working hard, or playing hard, our culture seems to celebrate excess. “Going the extra mile” is rewarded, and people commonly take their laptops on vacation with them. I think I want to try something else.

Time out! We need time to restore ourselves. I try to take a Sabbath each week (and am usually content if I get a few hours of actual rest and recreation). It is not healthy for us to work without some kind of break. I know that many of us may not have much of a choice, between work and family and church and other civic obligations. I would like church, at least, to be less of an obligation, and more of a restorative experience.

Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church, in Minneapolis, has placed Sabbath at the center of its congregational life. I don’t know if we can or should go as far as they have, but I do think it would be a service to our families, to each other, to take the concept of Sabbath more seriously. What if we did take time away from screens, away from obligations, and re-created together? If a whole day is impossible, would a few hours be worth trying, or would that not be enough?

I am contemplating exploring this concept together, over the coming year. Please give me feedback. Is this something you’d like to do? Do you think it impractical, but interesting? Do you think it might save the next generation? Do you think I am out of touch with the 21st century? Are you at least willing to engage some ways of recapturing some control over our time, together? Please do email or call or message me on Facebook. Is this a worthy experiment?
With Spirit,

Minister’s Office Hours

In addition to his availability for scheduled appointments, Rev. Chip commits to holding Office Hours regularly, to make it easy to just drop in without prior arrangements..
Week of May 30: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, 1-3 pm
Week of June 6: Monday, 1-3/Tuesday, 5-7 pm/Wednesday, 1-3 pm
Week of June 13: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday, 1-3 pm
Week of June 20: Rev Chip will be at GA this week (see below).
Week of June 27: Tuesday, 5-7 pm/Wednesday, 1-3 pm

Rev. Chip will join many UUs from around the world at the General Assembly of our Unitarian Universalist Association, in Columbus, Ohio. Counting several meetings before and after GA, he will be away from Michiana from Monday, June 20 into Tuesday, June 28.

Cookies with Rev. Chip

On Sunday, June 12 at 12 noon, Newcomers who want to learn more about our church or Unitarian Universalism are encouraged to meet Rev. Chip and other church leaders in his office for an informal discussion. Your questions are welcome.

Pie with the Parson

Rev. Chip will be at Barnaby’s Pizza (on Jefferson) on Wednesday, June 8, from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm. An pportunity to chat in a more casual setting, “Pie with the Parson” is like office hours with pie. Conversations might include everything from presidential politics or a serious pastoral concern to superhero movies or gardening tips.

First Sunday Potluck, Sunday, June 5

This will be the last First Sunday Potluck before we take our summer break. We will probably be a small group with all the other events going on. Bring a dish to celebrate summer from your own kitchen, or something from the store. And, if you can help with setup or cleanup please let Kathy V. know (

Art Opening Sunday, June 5

The Art on the Wall committee is again pleased to announce another Art Opening on Sunday, June 5. The exhibit will feature the works of local water color artist, Daniel Slattery and will be a wonderful addition to our building. The opening will be from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. in conjunction with the First Sunday Pot Luck lunch. Please plan to join us for the opening and meet the artist. Feel free to invite your friends. The exhibit will continue through July.

SPIRAL Summer Solstice Celebration

On Sunday, June 19 we will celebrate Summer Solstice, known as Litha on the Pagan Wheel of the Year, at the home of Susan Mishawaka. Call or email Susan for more information. Here is the lineup: 4 pm potluck, 7 pm ritual and fire. In case you need some ideas for the potluck, traditional foods for Litha include spring salads, asparagus dishes and berry salads. Litha marks the balance between fire and water. To honor this balance, we will have a large bonfire at the water's edge. Litha marks the longest day of the year. The word “solstice” is from the Latin word solstitium, which literally rranslates to “sun stands still”, and stone circles such as Stonehenge were oriented to highlight the rising of the sun on the day of the summer solstice. Kids are welcome.
This event is sponsored by SPIRAL: Supporting Pagans In Ritual And Life

Women’s Spirituality Circle

Monday, June 20 at 6 pm. We will be on the road again this month, meeting at the Wheatberry Restaurant, 15212 N. Red Bud Trail, Buchanan, Michigan. Local carpool site meeting at 5:30 pm: Family Video parking lot, SE corner of Auten Rd. & Hwy 933.

The focus is to honor our summer path of renewal with our toes in the sand watching the sun set over the lake. Clear Lake Fuller’s Resort in nearby Buchanan, is the destination for a campfire near the lake, a visit to the circa 1840 log cabin, and hiking. The evening is open to all women. A sleep over is available for the evening in the log cabin, electric and showers available. For additional details, contact Diana M.

Wednesday Night Feasters

On June 29, 6:30 pm the Feasters will meet at Moser’s Austrian Café, New Carlisle. To reserve a seat at the table, please contact Cathy D.

Adult Education: Facing Death with Life

Continuing through August 21, all sessions begin at 12 noon. Feel free to bring your lunch, or on June 5 join the Potluck.
Session Schedule
June 5: Beliefs and Practices: What Happens When We Die – Chip Roush, Mary Hagen
June 24: Bereavement – Brook Hardy, Jim Curlee
July 10: Children and Death – Gwynn Mettetal,PhD, Lois Holm
July 24: Suicide and the Right to Die – Ron Robinson, Lois Holm
August 14: Preparation for Death – Barbara Williams, MD, Barbara Boyd
August 21: Sharing New Insights – Becky Lindstrom, Jim Ward
If you are interested in attending any of these sessions, and have not already participated, please contact the church office (574.234.6588

Peace and Justice Committee

Our Second Sunday Share the Plate recipient for June is the LGBTQ Center. Thanks to all those who contributed to the May collection of $435 for the Ibrahim Parlak Defense Fund.

Congratulations to Rev. Chip!

Rev. Chip Roush has been selected to receive the David Mc Mahon Human Rights Award, presented by the Michigan Education Association.