SPIRAL (Supporting Pagans in Ritual and Life)

Members of SPIRAL gather to celebrate a variety of holidays throughout the year, including Summer Solstice, harvest, Winter Solstice and Imbloc. They meet on or near most festival dates on the annual Pagan calendar for a meal and ritual celebration.

Group of Open Source Happiness (GOSH)

The fourth Monday of each month, this group meets for an all group discussion on how to feel happy and fulfilled in life.

Wednesday Night Feasters

This group gathers at a different restaurant the last Wednesday (occasionally on another weekday) each month. Reservations are required. Call the church for more information.

Women’s Potluck

Held in a member’s home the third Friday of the month, October through June, at 6:00.

Women’s Circle

Meets at the church for a potluck dinner followed by ritual or other program the third Monday of the month, October through June, at 6:00. Additional events may take place, including retreats and participation in WomanSpirit weekends.