For all questions about our committees or to express interest in participating on a committee, please contact our Office Administrator.

Administration Committee

The purpose of the Administration Committee is to provide continuity and periodic review of church policies and administration. The committee meets as needed to provide period review, continuity and consistency of church policies.

Adult Religious Education Committee


Aesthetics Committee


Building & Grounds Committee

The purpose of the Building and Grounds Committee is to be responsible for regular maintenance and repair of the building and the grounds of the church. This committee is in need of volunteers throughout the year to mow the grass, pull weeds, rake leaves and shovel snow.

Care Committee

The purpose of the Care Committee is to provide support for members and friends of the church who are going through transitions, including illness, injury, death, birth and other personal or family crisis. The committee is to be a link between the needs of members and friends of the church and those who are able to provide for those needs. Volunteers on this committee provide specific support and services including hospital visits, temporary child care and arrangements for funerals and memorial services.

Children’s Religious Education Committee

The purpose of the Religious Education Committee is to provide religious education for members, families and friends of the church. Committee members meet regularly to develop educational programs, coordinate teacher recruitment and training, and plan intergenerational services.

Endowment Committee

This group is charged with being custodians of the First Unitarian Endowment Fund. They meet quarterly to discuss the use of the funds and, when finances allow, accept annual grant proposals for funding a variety of church-related projects.

Events Committee


Finance Committee

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to manage the finances of the church. Committee members meet monthly to review and prepare financial reports, monitor the progress of the church pledge commitments and coordinate other fundraising activities as necessary.

Marketing Committee

The purpose of the Marketing Committee is to provide information to ensure that both the external larger community and the internal community of members and friends are fully knowledgeable of the mission, programs and services of the First Unitarian Church of South Bend and the Unitarian Universalist Association. The committee meet monthly to discuss the marketing and advertising needs of the church and provides support for events in the form of flyers, Facebook messaging, submissions to In the Bend, press releases and radio spot advertising on WVPE. In addition, the group coordinates a variety of special projects each year, such as the creation of the new church website.

Membership Committee

The Purpose of the Membership Committee is to plan and implement programs and services for church membership recruitmentnt and retention. Committee members make visitors, friends and members feel welcome in our congregation, and informed about the experience of attending First Unitarian and being a Unitarian Universalist. This group also coordinates the bi-annual Ingathering of new members, including the Introduction to Unitarian Universalism classes and recognition during the worship service.

Ministry Committee

The purpose of the Committee on Ministry is to assess and support the effectiveness and health of the ministries of the congregation. Ministries means everything the congregation does to live its mission – celebrating and reflecting together, providing quality religious education, affirming our UU identity, working toward the common good, and creating and sustaining a diverse and loving community. The three members of this committee are nominated, agreed upon by the minister and board president, and serve three year staggered terms.

Peace & Justice Committee

The Purpose of the Peace and Social Justice Committee is to work for peace and social justice within the church congregation, the local community, the state, the nation, and internationally. Committee members meet periodically throughout the year to explore, discuss and take action on social justice issues in our community, including coordinating our monthly “Share the Plate” offering donation program. The group also offers videos, lectures and other programs for the church community and the general public.

Social Committee

The purpose of the Social Committee is to serve the social needs of the First Unitarian Church by being aware of, initiating, and planning and coordinating social activities for all ages, in and for the Church. Members of this committee facilitate all the social gatherings that take place within our congregation, including First Sunday Potlucks and coffee hour after worship each week. They also have the important task of coordinating the annual Service Auction and All Church Retreat.

Stewardship Committee

The purpose of the Stewardship Committee is to…The Board of Trustees appoints the committee’s chairperson; the Vice President of the Board of Trustees is a part of the committee, serves as liaison to the Board of Trustees, and may serve as chair. The chair is authorized to recruit committee members to fulfill this charter and maintain at least three members.

Worship Arts Committee

The purpose of the Sunday Service Committee is to arrange for speakers, lay leaders, and other program elements once a month when the Minister is not in the pulpit and during the summer. This committee also maintains the church sound system, schedules the sound technician and recruits pianists and other instrumentalists to provide music during the services each week.